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Strategenie - Tools for Critical Thinking

Strategenie helps you decide what's most important and what to do next, making tough decisions easier and clearer for everyone involved.

  • You don't know what to do next
  • The people you're working with have different opinions about what's important
  • You have lots of ideas but limited budget
  • You're not sure what to prioritise
  • You're uncertain how to balance user needs with organisation goals
  • You want to explore alternative scenarios
  • It's unclear which the best opportunity is
  • Decision-making velocity is really slow
  • You have a critical decision to make and it's going to impact lots of people
  • You want a simple, repeatable process for minimising bias and subjectivity in decision-making

If you identify with any of the above, this is for you.

Understand What Matters

Get clear priorities for your project or organisation. Strategenie is a set of Google Sheets you can use for unlimited projects.

Introducing Strategenie

Most of us can't afford to hire a big-arsed consultancy like Bain, BCG or McKinsey to help us figure out what to do. They're really expensive, too slow and paying 100k for a 200 slide powerpoint presentation hurts.

Wouldn't it be great to have the power of the Big 3 in a "digital magic lamp" you can use whenever you like?

So I made Strategenie. A genie for your strategy. Three clear charts (rather than wishes) highlight what your priorities should be.

I've advised over 200 organisations and synthesised that experience into these tools.


Strategenie users benefit by:

  • Having a clear, easy-to-understand system to decide what's most important to do next
  • Making better strategic decisions in an unbiased and transparent way
  • Turning complex situations into simple, actionable steps
  • Aligning team members and stakeholders behind a common plan
  • Saving time and money by providing a robust model that's quick and cost-effective
  • Overcoming the 'paradox of choice' by providing a structured method to move forward
  • Having an evidence-based process for decision-making
  • Providing an objective view of opportunities and outcomes
  • Allowing for the exploration of alternative scenarios and hypotheses
  • Supporting the due diligence process in decision-making for businesses, charities, and other organisations
  • Assisting in the design of business models, contributing to the process of new venture creation
  • Assisting in managing a prioritised backlog during product or project launches

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What people are saying

Strategenie is a need-to-have to demonstrate the robustness and due diligence for reporting how decisions get made in the charity.

Tim Stoller, Trustee, Breadwinners Charity

With over 20 years working for GlaxoSmithKline across a range of different sectors and geographies, and in that time having worked with the outputs from the really large consulting firms, Strategenie provides a similarly robust model and process that delivers clear and actionable outcomes at a fraction of the time and cost

Amanda Blacklock, Founder, Blacklock Consulting

Running a digital consultancy and helping large businesses and governments with digital transformation, I'm always keen to explore new tools, processes, systems to improve my knowledge and my consultant's knowledge. I was gripped by Strategenie. This will jumpcut projects for me and give clients the clear evidence base they need to prioritise projects.

Tiffany St James, Founder, Transmute

Has a client ever said, "we need you to help us innovate", or “our customers are men and women, 16-65, mixed interest, low to high income with varied interests across the country, we need more”? Strategenie provides a consulting decision-making framework that cuts through the grey areas and competing client priorities to align key stakeholders behind a clear and agreed roadmap or set of priorities to tackle.

Paul Davis, Co-Founder, Konekt Group

Strategenie is a vital asset for our business and helps our clients and partners make business-critical decisions based on evidence. The tool is incredibly smart but simple to use. It’s a core part of our toolkit and our clients love it.

Business Director, Leading Agency Group

I love the simple to use interface and I’m looking forward to using Strategenie to help my clients make better strategic decisions in a completely non-biased and transparent way.

Matt Wells, Partner, Congregation

With an incredible number of potential solutions, I’ve found that clients get stuck in this ‘paradox of choice’ situation and cannot move forward. Strategenie is a repeatable method to get through that and to rapidly create an effective route forward.

Jason Anderson, Digital Director, Avantgarde

Using Strategenie has helped us move from concept to scope quickly and easily. It has given us an evidence-based process for decision making. We’re excited to see how Strategenie can help us manage a prioritised backlog when we move into launch.

Matt Isherwood, Managing Director, Fuse

Bridge & Tunnel are excited about using Strategenie alongside our existing discovery processes to help us give a more objective view of the richest opportunities in Social Media for our clients. The fact it is iterative means we can use this as a tool to assist our long-term client relationships, alternatively it’s a great tool to help us run workshops with rapid results.

Owen Farrington, Founder, Bridge & Tunnel

Strategenie provides us with a robust algorithmic framework to underpin decision-making projects we run with clients. The interface and flexibility of the underlying model means we can explore alternative scenarios and hypotheses more easily. With Strategenie we can help clients reach better decisions and achieve wider consensus.

David Brown, CSO, klive

Simplifying the complex and difficult tasks of prioritising and decision-making within organisations, is not simple, but essential... one of the reasons Strategenie is so powerful.

Ben Cheston, Managing Director, greyhairworks

At Hands On, we regularly create workshops for brands and leaders to help them get clarity and alignment around priority options, choices and decisions for specific objectives. Strategenie is a fantastic tool to draw on in helping us achieve that both inclusively and with rigour.

Cyrus Johnston, Founder, Hands On Brands

I support the view that a ‘company’s value is just the sum of the decisions it makes and executes’ - as Strategenie takes the noise out of prioritisation and decision-making with a systematic approach, I use it for my initiatives and recommend it highly.

Pauline McNulty, Coach, Advisor, Advocate

We use Strategenie with our clients to help them take an insight-led approach to building a compelling strategy. Its beauty is in the way it simplifies the inherently complex and seamlessly combines the art and science of strategic development.

Tim Stoller, Founder, The Brand Launchers

Scaling a business requires firm foundations with pillars of strength, a well-structured strategy and excellent execution. A critical part of the structured strategy and subsequent execution is the leadership required to focus on the most important strategic objectives and the necessary alignment with the leadership team. By applying Strategenie, we are helping clients decide on the correct strategic objectives and secure the appropriate buy-in from the leadership team. This alignment results in the correct focused outcomes and the best leverage from limited company resources.

Craig Saphin, Managing Director, Craig Saphin Consulting

How do you change the world? Many entrepreneurs and business leaders want to do just that with their new ventures. Often decision making is made based on emotion, incomplete consideration of the variables, or with one or more cognitive biases. Often these are not visible and the whole team believes that they are making decisions well. By applying Strategenie to the process of business model design we're hoping to make much of the new venture creation process much more rigorous. It integrates beautifully with our focus on Jobs to Be Done and our Lean Innovation methodology that obsesses on continually testing and validating our hypotheses.

Denis Oakley, Head of Business Model Innovation, Denis Oakley & Co

As we help more of our clients take a step back to reset their priorities, Strategenie is a bit of gift. It helps distil thinking and see the business through every possible lens, stripping out any bias, however unconscious.

Melissa Fretwell, Founder, White Camino

We try to make the design process as democratic as possible, but no matter how expert you are, or how well you know the subject you're exploring (or maybe because of...), it's difficult to be completely subjective when it comes to decision making. Strategenie quickly helps us take a step back and get an objective view of our outcomes and opportunities. It's a fantastic vehicle to then base a roadmap or action plan around.

Nathan Fulwood, Co-Founder, CreateFuture

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